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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Get A Quote page. Our free service makes it easy to send a photo and get a quote from Leonel’s Upholstery which offers commercial and residential upholstery, custom made furniture, film and movie set production upholstery services, thousands of designer fabrics and much more. Simply fill out the form, locate your photo and upload to our server. You will be contacted shortly by one of our knowledgeable staff.

Step 1.

Take a photo of the furniture piece you want quoted in jpg, gif or png format.

Step 2.

Fill out all information on our get a quote form. Please make sure your your contact information is filled out correctly so we can contact you.

Step 3.

Locate file on your computer or device by using the browse button, then hit send and that’s it!

Send photos with your phone!

Now you can also send photos through your cellphone.

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