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Terms and Conditions

1. Allow 3-4 weeks of completion of order upon receipt of fabric.

2. The estimates given do not include fabric or the cost of additional of structural repair.

3. Deposits of 30% are required for Leonel's to accept an order. Deposits are deductible upon Total of Order.

4. Any deposits paid may not be refunded in full unless work has already started with agreement from the client.

5. Balance due must be paid upon the completion of the work, regardless of whether or not the furniture will be promptly picked up.

6. Leonel's Upholstery will not assume responsibility for completed item.

7. A monthly storage fee of $15 square foot will be applied to all items stores on company property for more than 30 days. Leonel's will not assume responsibility for completed items left.

8. Payments are not refundable after completion of work.

9. Charges will be made for any corrections that are not our fault.

10. Any additional instructions must be confirmed in writing and a price agreed for the additional work and materials, before the work can proceed. Additional work, which may not be apparent when the estimate is provided, will be advised to the client on discovery, and a course of action agreed. This includes frame repairs, which are hidden by upholstery.

11. We do our best to advice customers of suitability of fabrics, whether supplied by us or not. However, we can only take responsibility for materials which are supplied by us ONLY; covering fabric supplied by client is at their own risk.

12. All old covers will be removed prior to upholstery; these covers will be discarded unless the client advises that they are to be returned. This advice must be informed prior to order and this includes old cushion pads.

13. Addition fee is applied when quotes are given at your house or business only; And, fee is not refundable or deductible from your total price.

14. Pick up and delivery charges are extra when is not local. Free service among New Orleans metropolitan.

15. Any problems with order must be brought to Leonel's. Therefore, charges will not be applied for any corrections or problems on Leonel's behalf. Charges will be made to corrections that are not Leonel's responsibility.

16. We will not be responsible for charges if you have another company make corrections. You will still be responsible for the original bill.

17. Complaints will be dealt with as quickly as possible and resolution of the same will be our prime objective.

18. After completion of work, if there is a problem, the owner of the item will bear the responsibility and cost of transporting the item to Leonel's Upholstery. Additional charges will be waived at the discretion of Leonel's Upholstery for problems deemed to be attributable to the work performed at Leonel's.

19. We provide the very best customer service and work closely with you to ensure customer satisfaction.

20. If you wish to cancel this contract you MUST DO SO IN WRITING and deliver personally or send (which may be by electronic mail) to Leonel's Upholstery confirming that you wish to do so withing 7 days from receipt of confirmation of the order unless work has already started in agreement with the client. Any deposits paid may not be refunded in full unless work has already started with agreement from the client.